the designer

Daniela de Marchi, 25 years of study and passion, searching for a unique and unmistakable style.


In 1992 Daniela de Marchi became closer to the world of jewelry by winning a scholarship at the European Design Institute (IED) in Milan.

Art, design and planning have always been her great passion.


After her Diploma, she started her first job experience that brought her close to working with artcrafts.

In 2000, she decided to open her own small atelier in Via dei Piatti 6, filing her brand name and she started working day and night on her dream.


In 2003, a Japanese company purchases samples of about 20 pieces.

After two months Daniela receives her first order, which completely changes her professional life, of five hundred pieces. The income allows Daniela to expand her collections, buy new stones and work harder on the identity of the brand. The Japanese buyers continue believing in her brand and continue to make relevant orders.



In 2009 Daniela decides to take a big step forward: in front of her small atelier, a magnificent space of nearly 200 square meters becomes available.

The new location gives her brand new prestige.  Word of mouth is Daniela’s only publicity and her brand soon becomes viral in Milan.


In 2014 Daniela opens a small shop in the Brera area and in 2016 her first boutique in Porta Venezia.

Her dream takes shape, the love for her profession and her unique style is apreciated over the years from an always wider audience.